Brandon Adams, Landscape Architect
Residential Projects
The Century Courtyard
Location:  Manhattan, New York
Client: American Properties, Inc.
Project Description:  Renovation of a 12,000 square foot courtyard
of a high-rise residential building on Central Park West in New York
Construction Budge: $125,000
Completed: 1986
Watson Residence
Location: Lake Bruin, Louisiana
Project Description: Design of walkways, patio, steps and plantings
for a residence located on Lake Bruin.
Completed: 2003
Evans Residence
Location: Lucedale, Mississippi
Project Description: Design of a swimming pool, walkways, steps,
decks, walls, garden areas and plantings for a residence in rural
Waverly Subdivision
Location:  Natchez, Mississippi
Client: Daniel Bland/David Heard
Project Description:  Master Plan for a new residential subdivision
on a 32 acre site.  The final plan includes the layout of roadways,
lots and street lighting.